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Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles Permanently: Best Treatment Ever

We all lead a life of stress, working from 9 to 5, running our business, managing our expenses etc and the anxiety and stress that comes with it is pretty real. We juggle to balance our life along with having a consistent sleep pattern but still most of us suffer from dark circles. I know you’ve most likely googled “how to get rid of dark circles” many times and again, and you’d do nearly anything to get rid of them. And surprisingly even after you’ve attempted 1,000,000 costly products , they generally return.

The thing is that your eye puffiness and dark circles could be acquired. “The undereye region is one of the more slender regions and is often ignored as a part of the basic skincare routine.

Dark circles under the eyes are a typical issue that many individuals deal with, and they can have multiple causes. This is what you want to know regarding what causes dark circles and what is the best treatment for it. What are dark circles under the eyes? 

Dark circles under the eyes  are the point at which the skin underneath the two eyes seem obscured. Dark circles are frequently the consequence of two dermatological conditions:

Diminishing of the skin under the eyes which makes veins show up more apparent.

Puffy eyes which bring about the presence of dull shadows under the eyes.

Causes for dark circles 

Structure of the eyes – Our eyes are set inwards and have a  close proximity to the contour areas of our face which ultimately creates a darker appearance due to shadow formation.

Sun – UV damage causes your skin to produce more melanin (the pigmentation responsible for skin color). unprotected sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation around areas leading to dark circles.

Genes – Genes play a very important role in the development of dark circles, if your parents have it, it is very likely that you will have it too.

Age – As you get old, your skin loses collagen and becomes thin. This causes the dark blood vessels beneath your skin to become more visible.

Dehydration – If your body is not properly hydrated then the area around your eyes starts to look dull and sunken.

Allergies – Allergies cause your body to release histamines which can cause your blood vessels to dilate and become more visible. Nasal congestion or allergies can also lead to in lower blood circulation around the eyes, further leading to dilation in veins and

the area under your eyes may become darker and more prominent.

Irregular sleep patterns and lifestyle – Lack of sleep or oversleeping can lead to formation of dark circles. Rest is so significant. Loss of rest sleep can make your skin appear pale and dull. Getting sufficient sleep helps the skin to repair itself along with maintaining a youthful complexion. Additionally, consumption of a lot of salt and liquor will dry out your skin, making your eyes puffy and your circles to appear worse.

Eye strain – Eye strains can cause the blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge, leading you to have dark circles under your eyes. . Increased screen time is one of the leading culprits of dark circles and unfortunately we can escape that but the excessive eye rubbing can also increase the appearance of dark circles.

Prevention and Treatment 

Rest on your back and use an additional pillow 

“If dull, puffy under eyes appear to be the morning issue, consider dozing on your back with an additional pillow so that lymphatic fluid doesn’t get accumulated overnight on certain areas of your face. Keeping your cushion shielded from allergens with a defensive pillowcase can likewise help when sensitivities and skin allergies which are often the culprit for dark under eyes.

Wear sunscreen around eyes – Sun damage is one of the leading causes of dark circles and can worsen the appearance of darkness around eyes. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen around eyes can help prevent the same. In case you are hoping to cover those dark circles, invest in concealers that contain a SPF with a wide range.

Wear sunglasses while going out – This will help protect the skin around your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun along with minimizing the appearance of dark circles.

Sleep for 7-8 hours daily – Less sleep leads to deprivation causing your skin to appear pale and increasing the appearance of dark circles. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary so that your dark circles’ treatment works effectively.

Proper hydration of your body – Water helps flush out toxins from your system, therefore reducing the concentration of accumulated salt around the eye areas.

Use an eye cream with brightening ingredients and vitamin A.

Eye creams are slightly different than your regular facial moisturizers –

Concentration of active ingredients in your eye cream is much less because the eye area is delicate.

Certain ingredients like caffeine (because it offers a quick and temporary effect) are specific to eye creams and you usually don’t see them in your regular moisturizer. I mean no harm will come if you use them all over your face, but it won’t be good for your bank account because eye creams are costly.

Eye cream also uses lighter emollients and is less greasy. Using a very thick moisturizer around eyes can lead to milia so be careful.

Final Thoughts – Eye creams are modified facial moisturizers that are better suited for that delicate area.

If you have puffy eyes, cold compresses can help 

Medical procedures like lasers, Botox, fillers, and blepharoplasty are also popular forms of dark circles treatment.

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However, do keep in mind that with consistent use of skincare products, you can only reduce the appearance of dark circles along with maintaining the results. If you want to see significant changes in the existing dark circles, then you might need to consider cosmetic procedures for treatment.