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Hey, I’m Sreeja !

If you are new here, I am a skincare mentor, blogger, YouTuber and have helped a lot of people achieve a balanced, healthy and clear skin.

But for several years in my life I was at war with my own skin.

It was an ongoing battle with my acne and clogged pores.

I tried hard to fight with my arsenal of drying anti-acne treatments, well intentioned damaging skincare products, unsolicited advice from friends and family, prescription pills, antibiotics and skin wrecking DIY(s).

From hot compresses (that almost burnt my skin) to almost taking Accutane – I have tried it all.

I was 14 and my dermatologist prescribed Tazret (Strongest topical retinoid). Now, you might think to yourself, “What, retinoid at such a young age?”

But my problem wasn’t that because retinoid is a good ingredient and is beneficial for acne prone skin.

My problem was that he did not educate me about it.

After my first usage, I experienced intense peeling/redness and when I went back to his office, he said oh you might be allergic to this drug and he immediately stopped it and prescribed Accutane.

WHAT EVEN?? (That’s how retinoid works)

But thankfully, I took a second opinion and dropped the idea of Accutane all together.

(Yes, it works really well but is usually prescribed as a last resort for acne. Also, there is a long list of side effects, so you really have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself)

Now, my acne was not that bad (for me it was more about clogged pores and pustules that used to leave deep marks), so I decided to look for answers online.

Worst Mistake Ever

I was baffled by the kind of knowledge that was available- there was a DIY for every skin problem, life changing products recommended by bloggers, multiple skincare products, skincare hacks and what not.

But the problem was that this information was driven by marketing strategies, PR packages, paid promotions, fear mongering and chemo phobia.

This further destroyed my skin and I started to question the quality of skincare information out there.

Fueled by my distrust, I started doing my own research.

Skincare really made me happy and I was determined to know every bit of it.

I started learning the science behind our skin and how to properly take care of it.

I was shocked by the kind of misinformation out there and the kind of advice people were giving.

I saw ignorant statements like –

  • Use coconut oil for your acne
  • Use aloe gel (straight from the plant) as a moisturizer
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner
  • Follow the ten step Korean routine for a flawless skin
  • Use preservative free skincare
  • Don’t put ingredients you can’t read on your skin
  • Sunscreen causes cancer so don’t use sunscreen

All of this is BS and trust me I have been there, and it is not going to help you or your skin in any way (it will damage it further).

However, there are two things that actually work –

(1) Chemical Based Skincare (aka properly formulated skincare)

(2) Skin Positivity (let’s talk about it)

So as a skincare blogger, I get at least ten DM(s) on an average each day from different people which goes something like this-

“Hey, I want a clear skin. I want my skin to look like yours. Can you please help?”

While the first part (i.e. a desire for clear skin) is completely realistic and understandable the second part (i.e. I want my skin to look like yours) is unrealistic and problematic.

We live in a world driven by social media, idealizing the unrealistic standards of beauty. Priorities are placed on PERFECT, PORELESS, and FLAWLESS SKIN.

Every sign of imperfection is being erased (the wonders of makeup, photo editing, filters, and lighting).

However, for people who have less than a perfect skin, this perfect skin culture trashes their self-esteem. They question their own self-worth which can understandably impact their psychological well-being.

Enter, SKIN POSITIVITY. It basically means changing the way you look at your skin rather than trying to change it physically. It means treating your skin with all the love and respect it deserves rather than battering it with negative comments.

I am telling you right now, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. Almost each and every one of us experience some form of skin condition at some point in our lives, and it’s completely normal.

Perfect skin is not the norm rather different skin conditions are. If you have any skin condition (acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, melasma, etc.), it is okay to ask for help, but don’t put your personal happiness at the mercy of your skin.

And next time you feel like locking yourself in your room because of your acne scars.

Ask yourself this question – Is having a good skin day, equivalent to having a good day?

Having said all of the above, it has been a long and difficult journey, but I am grateful for all the knowledge I gained along the way. But I had to do it all alone and I would hate for anybody else to go through the same route I did. So, I have created this space for people like you and me, people who want the right information, people who are tired of all the conflicting misinformation and people who want a healthy/clear skin but are struggling for it.

Join The Balance Hydrate Glow Community

Ask your skincare questions/queries, clear your doubts about different skincare ingredients, learn the difference between skin trends and skin needs, get feedback on different skincare products and find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to skincare.

We don’t do DIY(s) here.

We don’t believe in green washing.

We don’t share sponsored content.

We don’t believe in #voguishskincare trends

We share good skincare information.

We give honest product reviews and feedback.

I keep a close eye on the quality of content along with sharing skincare tips a few times a week.

Exclusive Skincare Information

Skincare is my passion and I put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. Before creating any content, I ask myself a question, that is this going to add any value to the society? And only if the answer is yes, I go ahead and create it.

The BHG community has a Skincare cheat sheet, Basic Skincare Pyramid, guideline for formulating skincare routine, Skincare brand list (the good and the bad) and good skincare advice.

So, if you still haven’t found the products that really work for your skin and you are interested in learning about the ins and outs of skincare (What are you waiting for?).

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  • If you want quick fixes and short-term solutions
  • If you want DIY remedies
  • If you want to follow skin trends
  • If you believe in fear mongering (green beauty, toxic skincare)
  • If you want to use essential oils to heal your skin
  • If you are scared of chemical-based skincare (Chemicals are not harmful. Substances that contain carbon atoms are chemicals, you, me, water, plants and everything on this planet by definition is a chemical.)
  • If you are not willing to make changes

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BHG Client

Hi Sreeja
Firstly,Thankyou so much for understanding my skin so well and recommending the best suited products for me. Its been around 30 days,I’ve been using the products recommended by you and I can see some major differences on my skin.My pimple healed within 2-3 days which is great,My acne marks are lighter,My skin doesn’t feel stretchy now. I don’t know how much change is visible through these pictures but I definitely think that I’ve achieved my skin goals through this program. I’ve already recommended this program to some of my friends who are facing some skin problems.

BHG Client

Hi Sreeja
So this is my second round with you and all I can say I’m truly glad I booked this consultation. I had been trying almost everything to get my acne into control but finally the right medication and routine made it possible . What I like best is that the products were suitable for my skin type and are helping me achieve my skin goals . Also you have been patiently answering all my queries
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is serious about skincare . And my skincare mantra has changed to - healthy skin first , clear skin second 🙂 All the best for everything

BHG Client

Oh my god! Sreeja where have you been all my life!
I'm so glad that I consulted you for my skin concerns. I started a little late because it was the month of March and my office work was extremely chaotic. Moreover, the delivery of products took some time as well.
The chemical exfoliation, double cleansing and martiderm ampoules have been game changer for me. I seriously was looking for an upgrade in my skincare routine and I had no time to visit dermatologist often for the procedure. It's unbelievable that right kind of products can bring such tremendous change in one's skin. It's been 15 days that I started with the routine and 60% of my issues are gone! That patchy hyperpigmentation is fading. I wish if you could give me another option for sunscreen. I'll share my before and after pictures with you in a week's time. I'll certainly recommend you to my friends and also consult you in the future for my issues. Thank you so very much.

BHG Client

Hi Sreeja !!!
Hope you are doing great.
I really really want to thank you for guiding me for the just right products. Incorporating them have really helped me to calm my skin and reducing any new breakouts. I can say that my skin is really under control now. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT GREAT JOB ! PLEASE CONTINUE DOING SO
Further, my purging period is under control now and mostly my clogged pores have come out. Since I am PMSing, I just experience 1 single breakout . Isn't it great!!! Meanwhile I am going to continue with my routine as you told me until I get my product empties. I will be reaching out to you again in 15 days to change a bit of my routine due to change in weather (summer approaching) and focus on my post acne pigmentation. Glad to have connected with you!! I am going to continue consulting you before changing any of my skincare routines . Thanks a lot again !!!

BHG Client

Hello Sreeja
I hope you are safe and doing great. I can't thank you enough. After continuous usage of the products that you recommended me, my heart is so full with gratitude towards you. May Almighty Allah grant you great success in your work and life. Send you my today's pictures. It's a huge huge improvement. I still wish to continue these products for some time and I look forward to smooth texture on my face and neck. I'll be consulting you shortly again. The pigmentation and pimple scars have drastically reduced. Please find the attachment. Thank you again.

BHG Client

Hey Sreeja!
I have completed one month's journey with your routine. Patiently and slowly my skin is healing. I have sensitive skin. My inflammation is in control and also my acne is more controlled. It’s not like I don’t have acne anymore but yes they are a bit lesser than before. I am really glad to use this routine, I think my skin needs some gentle loving. I am gonna continue using the same routine as of now. Also would love to sort out my post acne scar problem and also my red skin in my next appointment. This one was just to build my barrier. I am giving it enough time to repair itself. Thank you so much. I have dealt with acne my entire life. But since I came back to India, there hasn’t been a respite. I don’t even know enough products which are out there. I am so glad that you could help me. Looking forward to more skin consultations. 🙌🏼😊

BHG Client

So to begin, I want to thank you for everything, right from patiently responding to my questions, guiding me through the process and suggesting amazing products. I am so happy with how my skin feels and looks now!
Taking your BHG consultation was the best thing that has happened to my skin. For someone who has never had any skin issues all my life, suddenly getting acne and not knowing how to treat it correctly was extremely challenging, stressful and exhausting.
The routine you have suggested has worked perfectly for me. The big, painful active and damaged skin barrier I had when I first consulted you has improved a lot. I still have some active acne and quite a few marks but I'm sure that it will settle and fade over time. Like you always say patience is the key.
I have already suggested all my friends having skin skin issues to take your consultation. My sister and mother will also be taking the BHG consultation very soon as they were happy to see the change it brought to my skin.

BHG Client

About the BHG program and your recommendations, I have loved all the products suggested by you. I think my skin texture has improved, though the acne is still there but I truly think my skin has a different glow and I feel really good and confident. I would 100% recommend your program to everyone. I would continue with my current regime as I still have all the products but would like to again take your consultation.

BHG Client

Hello mam, Today I completed 28 days of using all the products.It was an amazing experience. I use a very limited product and my skin has healed ,it glows. There is no acne marks or hyperpigmentation. I have an Eventone skin now. Changes are quite evident than what it was 28 days back. Thanks for all your suggestions you gave me. I am really grateful.

BHG Client

Before giving the feedback I would like to thank you wholeheartedly.I really wish people would come to you before trying on so many products for there skin problem they are facing. Thank god I did not come to you after it was too late. My skin has healed and is still healing so beautifully. I am not exaggerating here, but I literally would have sleepless nights thinking about how bad my skin has changed. For a person who has not dealt with an acne/skin problem throughout her life,this was a nightmare. Deciding to go for a session with you has been one of the best decisions of my life. I'll surely take up another session after my skin healed completely. Keep doing what you do.

BHG Client

How could I say thank you to you? Please let me know if there is any other word better than Thank you. Approaching you was a right decision I have taken before going to the other products. The products that you prescribed aptly suited my skin and I'm enjoying its healing and becoming healthy. Thanks a ton for knowing our skin better and suggesting the products. I would definitely recommend anyone to consult you before investing in any other products. Everything is working well and I would like to continue the products.

BHG Client

Skinoreal has actually introduced me to my first real skincare routine. Sreeja is not only well informed but all her knowledge is grounded in research and the study of skin. Her passion for the subject reflects right through her page and even when she recommends any product. She isn't afraid to be honest, even if that means busting some long held myths! She walks the talk and her love for skin can just been seen by how gorgeous her skin looks. Look forward to learning so much more from her

BHG Client

Hey, I’m using all the products which are recommended by you and i can feel the change in my skin. Also pimples and boils are almost gone. Thank you so much. After a long time my skin is healing again without any medicines just with regular skin care products.

BHG Client

I am someone who has been plagued with dull looking skin from as long as I can remember. It was few months back when I found Sreeja and I am so glad I did. She was all ears when I told her about my predicament and came up with a regimen. It has been few months and I can’t believe how beautiful my skin looks now. Even people who are not very close to me would ask what do I do to keep my skin looking like the way it is. I am 28 years old male with my skin feeling like that of a teenager. All that diabolical dullness is gone and the texture of the skin has improved dramatically. I can’t thank her enough and will always be indebted to her. She’s a fair dinkum and does not endorse any brand. She loves what she does and is the best in the business. I wish there were more skincare experts like her.

BHG Client

I found you while sifting through suggested pages and boy am I glad that it happened when it did since I am going through the worst phase of my skin as I’ve gone off the PCOS medication. When I emailed you I wasn’t expecting such an elaborate reply and yet there you were asking all the relevant questions to get to the root of my problem. I was picking up random suggestions from different pages and ending up hurting my skin.... on the contrary you’ve put me on the simplest of regimes and I’m sure it’ll work for me!

BHG Client

I would like to use the traditional and often used trope of ‘how this changed my life’ but her advice truly did. There is always a simple skincare routine to fall back on when I get stressed and I have saved so much money because these products are good and last long. I am glad she is in this field because she is very perceptive, patient, and rigorous with her research. I cannot thank her enough for making such a complicated and more market-driven than the consumer-friendly world of skincare more accessible. There is no substitute for having healthy skin and I have learnt and seen that through Sreeja’s extremely knowledgeable advice.