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Best 5-Step Morning Skin Care Routine for Glowing Skin

Skin is the biggest external organ of our body and just like all other internal organs, it needs water to maintain its health. Usually, the water in your skin is protected by skin’s natural barrier but often the barrier gets damaged (by environmental stressors, UV rays, applying products not suitable for your skin type and so on), leading to a water/moisture loss. Consequently, your skin becomes dry, flaky and more prone to aging. (Bad News, I know)…. But the good news is that you can still prevent moisture loss by applying the right kind of products and by following a daily skin routine. Read on to know about the best 5 step morning skincare routine for glowing and healthy skin.

A gentle non foaming cleanser

We all have different skin care regimens, and it might consist of three to five to even ten products (if you are into Korean skincare regimen). But one thing will always be common in different skincare regimens around the world – A cleanser. Cleansing should always be the first step of your daily skincare routine as it is really important for healthy skin.. Without a proper cleanse, dirt, impurities and dead skin will start building up on your skin and your pores will get clogged. Not cleaning your face will also interfere with your skin’s ability to produce sebum (skin’s own natural oil) which will in turn lead to more breakouts, dryness and dullness. Moreover, cleansing is not just a process of cleaning your face rather it is a process that preps your skin for other skincare products. The thing is that blocked pores also interfere with the abortion of other skincare products and a regular cleanse ensures that the active ingredients of your moisturizers, essences and serums reach the deeper layers of your skin. Apart from removing the nasty buildup of dirt and other pollutants from your skin, cleansing also boosts hydration. This is because cleansing plays an important role in maintaining the hydration level of the skin by regulating the pH balance of the skin and ensuring sufficient water and product retention. Cleansing makes your anti-ageing treatment work better and helps you to maintain a proper pore size. For a morning cleanse I prefer a gentle milk/cream or a non-foaming gel cleanser. However, if you don’t go outside for a workout, you can totally skip a cleanser in the morning.

Milk/cream cleansers

Milk cleansers are a great addition to your morning and night skincare routine. They are light and gentle and are made from natural emulsion of fats, water and light weight emollients and oils. They are very effective at removing dirt, bacteria and make up from your skin but without removing the natural oil of your skin. They help your skin stay balanced, hydrated and protected. It’s a good option for people who want a moisturized cleanse but don’t like the oil residue of oil cleansing. They are ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Gel cleansers

Gel cleansers are designed to remove the excess surface oil on the skin. They also work to remove the acne causing bacteria along with giving a deeper cleanse. These cleansers are ideal for clearing away those impurities and preventing future breakouts. They are ideal for oily and combination skin. These cleansers are also suitable for acne skincare routine.


But wait, are toners necessary for my skincare routine??

Long story short, it really depends upon two things-

Your skin needs

Your skincare goals

If you have dehydrated skin, then you would benefit from toner containing humectants and hydrating ingredients. Not necessary if your moisturizer/serums already have humectants. If you have acne prone skin, then you benefit from toners containing exfoliating and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Not necessary if you are following a weekly skincare routine using a chemical exfoliator in your routine. If you are wanting to treat hyperpigmentation, then you would benefit from toners containing brightening ingredients that can be suitable for your skin pigmentation treatment . Not necessary if you are using serums/creams containing active ingredients. Toner is not an essential in your skincare routine, but they definitely help amp up your skincare routine by providing that extra dose of hydration.


Using an antioxidant serum will help boost your sun protection along with working on signs of photodamage. One of my favourite antioxidants is vitamin C. Vitamin C is responsible for stimulating collagen production in the body (which slows down as we age). Collagen is a skin protein that holds the skin cells together, strengthening the skin barrier and giving elasticity to the skin (all this is important for a healthy skin). Now by promoting collagen production in the skin, vitamin C helps soothe or fade the existing fine lines and wrinkles along with preventing the new ones from appearing.


Moisturizer is water for our skin. Just like water is important to keep our body hydrated, a moisturizer is important to keep our skin hydrated. It also benefits our morning and night skincare routine for healthy and glowing skin. A moisturizer is not a short-term investment. It’s a long one as a good moisturizer will help you prepare for your skin in future by keeping it soft, plumped, healthy and hydrated. Hydration is what allows your skin barrier to function properly and without a proper hydration level, your skin cells are going to shrivel and there will be excess sebum production to compensate for the dryness. Either way you will be at a risk of making your skin too dry/dull or oily/ acne prone.

BOTTOM LINE –Always moisturize your face for a smooth, soft and fresh-looking skin.


Sunscreen is a photoprotective skincare product that works by absorbing/reflecting harmful UV rays to prevent sun damage. No matter how well you prep your skin but if you are not protecting it from UV rays then you are not protecting yourself from premature aging. Sun is really one of the worst enemies of an unprotected skin and you are just wasting your on other skincare products if you are not religiously using sunscreen. A solid daily as well as morning skincare routine is essential because it protects and preserves your skin from its daily daytime time battle with pollution, environmental stress and UV rays. And please don’t expect your skin to magically repair itself during the night if you are not going to take care of it during the day.


Sreeja S